New Data Science Program Engages Youth in Social Issue Action, ISF and NetApp Partner to Inspire Students in Bengaluru

India STEM Foundation Data is everywhere. With data being created at unimaginable rates, it is the new driving force across all aspects of society.  Data inarguably holds the potential to unlock the hidden knowledge to solve pressing problems of the 21st century for a better future. Data Science, which involves statistics, mathematics and computer science, [...]

Children from India championed to participate at Global STEM & Robotics Program; WRO International 2018

30 students ages 9-17 have made it to the International Championship of World Robot Olympiad 2018 to be held at Thailand on 16-18 November 2018. They will represent India among student participants and delegates from 60 other countries at this global STEM & Robotics program. Aligned to this year’s theme ‘Food Matters’ students will be […]