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Welcome to our STEM education initiative! We believe in providing equal opportunities to all students, irrespective of their economic background. We offer a wide range of STEM programs and initiatives, including robotics competitions, coding workshops, and teacher training programs, to name a few.

We are excited to invite all government schools, government-aided schools, private schools, and private-aided schools/trusts/communities to register with us for FREE and avail of all the benefits of our STEM programs and initiatives.

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To register your school, simply fill out our online registration form. We only require basic information like your school’s name, district, taluka, student count, contact person, phone number, and email address. We also ask you to agree to our terms and conditions.

Once we receive your registration, our team will contact you to schedule a site visit to set up the STEM lab in your school premises and discuss the program details with your teachers and students.

Join us today to give your students a competitive edge in STEM education!

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