Athenahealth Supports STEM Education In India 

Athenahealth will remain committed to the three schools it adopted last year, providing unwavering support as they embark on their journey of STEM exploration. As a testament to their dedication, Athenahealth proudly supported 1 team from each school to participate in the prestigious WRO India Season 2023, showcasing their remarkable talent and passion for robotics.

Athenahealth collaborates with healthcare organizations, leveraging advanced technology on an interconnected platform for impactful clinical and financial outcomes. Through athena Gives, their CSR program, they strive for equitable healthcare access, food security, and STEM education. By combining philanthropy, employee volunteering, in-kind contributions, and strategic alliances, athena Gives addresses social healthcare challenges with a focus on health equity and inclusion.

India STEM Foundation partnered with athenahealth last year to set up 3 well-equipped Robo Siksha Kendra in 3 Bangalore, Pune and Chennai schools. The project was a resounding success and a spectacle of commitment to STEM education.

Several STEM trainers and mentors were appointed to the Robo Siksha Kendra STEM labs to impart essential skills, mentor participants, and provide guidance. These dedicated professionals will play a crucial role in shaping the learning journey, fostering creativity, and equipping students with the knowledge and confidence needed to excel in the field of STEM.

Athenahealth supported three exceptional teams, enrolling them in the upcoming WRO India Season 2023 under the Future Innovators category. These teams were selected based on their outstanding projects at the Athenahealth Showcase event on February 28th, 2023 (Science Day). Through this support, we aim to bridge the gap and promote inclusivity in STEM education. By empowering these students, we are fostering their passion for robotics and helping them unlock their full potential.

We express gratitude to Athenahealth for their unwavering support of STEM education. Their support for participation of teams in WRO has empowered countless young minds to excel in robotics. The establishment of Robo Siksha Kendra has been instrumental in nurturing future innovators. Athenahealth’s commitment to STEM education inspires and shapes future leaders.