CrowdStrike’s Support to WRO India

In the dynamic realm of education, fostering innovation and nurturing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) talents among young minds is imperative. CrowdStrike, a renowned global cybersecurity leader celebrated for its cutting-edge cloud-native platform, has taken an admirable step in this direction. In the 2023 season, CrowdStrike showcased its unwavering commitment to nurturing young talents by providing scholarships worth Rs. 1,750 per student to over 1,800 students. This remarkable support enabled these students to participate in the National Entrance Test (NET) of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) India, one of the largest international robotics competitions in India, catering to ages 8-19.

Making STEM Competitions Accessible

These scholarships offer students the opportunity to enter the competition at Level 1 of WRO India, particularly in the coveted “Future Innovators” category. In this category, teams of 2-3 students are tasked with creating innovative and intelligent robotics solutions, with the freedom to choose technology that aligns with the year’s theme, “Connecting the World.” Each team is granted a 2x2x2m booth to showcase and pitch their robotic solution. This category serves as an exceptional platform for students to delve into the realm of technology entrepreneurship.

Level 1 NET for ISF Partner Schools

Over the past few seasons, there has been notable participation from youth robotics training institutes and teams, but there has been a significant dearth of involvement from schools. To bridge this gap, the concept of “ISF Partner Schools” was conceived. This visionary initiative allows schools to enroll their students at Level 1 of WRO India: National Entrance Test, at a substantially reduced fee of INR 1,750 per student, as opposed to the standard INR 18,000 per team, which typically applies to private teams.

Level 2: WRO India Virtual Regional

The WRO India NET evaluates students’ knowledge in science, mathematics, and aptitude through a one-hour online test that can be taken from the comfort of their homes. Students who score 60% and above are eligible to progress to Level 2 of WRO India Season 2023, also known as the virtual regional. In this stage, students form teams and engage in an online project submission round. Here, they virtually present their conceptual solutions through project presentations and video submissions.

Level 3: In-Person Regionals

Having successfully cleared the virtual regional, students embark on the next phase of their journey. They must physically bring their conceptual solutions to life by creating working prototypes and presenting them during the in-person regional and national competitions. This achievement could even pave their way to representing India on an international stage, with the possibility of competing in locations as exotic as Panama.

Gratitude to CrowdStrike

In conclusion, CrowdStrike’s invaluable support to WRO India underscores its dedication to nurturing young talents and championing STEM education. This partnership not only makes STEM competitions accessible to a wider audience but also empowers students to think innovatively and explore the fascinating world of robotics and technology. The profound impact of this support will undoubtedly reverberate in the future, as these young innovators evolve into the technology leaders of tomorrow.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What role does CrowdStrike play in WRO India?

CrowdStrike provides scholarships to students, enabling them to participate in the National Entrance Test (NET) of WRO India, thus supporting their journey into the world of robotics.

2. What is the “Future Innovators” category in WRO India?

In this category, teams of 2-3 students create innovative and intelligent robotics solutions, aligning with the yearly theme. It’s an opportunity for young minds to explore technology entrepreneurship.

3. How do ISF Partner Schools benefit from this initiative?

ISF Partner Schools can enroll their students at a reduced cost of INR 1,750 per student in Level 1 of WRO India, making robotics competitions more accessible.

4. What does Level 2 of WRO India entail?

Level 2, also known as the virtual regional, involves online project submissions and virtual presentations where students showcase their conceptual solutions.

5. How can students reach the international stage of WRO?

Students who succeed in the national competition may have the opportunity to compete internationally, potentially in locations such as Panama.