Get invited for a talk about STEM education 

The India STEM Foundation extends a warm invitation to prospective industry leaders, CSR heads, and school administrators to come forward and engage in a dialogue about transformative STEM education. As the world embraces the fourth industrial revolution, it becomes imperative to equip the next generation with the skills and knowledge to thrive in this ever-evolving landscape. By joining hands with ISF, you have the opportunity to be a part of a transformative movement that shapes the future of education and empowers youth with STEM skills.

Why STEM Education Matters

STEM education, which encompasses Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is the key to preparing the workforce of tomorrow. In a world increasingly driven by technology and innovation, STEM education provides the foundation for critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. It empowers students to become adaptive and analytical individuals, ready to tackle the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing global landscape.

Ways to Get Involved with India STEM Foundation

1. Industry Leaders

Industry leaders play a pivotal role in shaping the future of STEM education. By partnering with ISF, you can support various initiatives, such as sponsoring STEM programs, providing internships and mentoring opportunities for students, and investing in STEM infrastructure. Your expertise and experience can inspire young minds and pave the way for a skilled and competent workforce.

2. CSR Heads

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) heads have the unique opportunity to contribute to the societal development of the nation. By collaborating with ISF, you can support STEM education initiatives in underserved communities, offer scholarships, and provide access to STEM resources for underprivileged students. Your CSR initiatives can make a lasting impact on the lives of many young individuals, empowering them with the gift of education.

3. School Administrators

School administrators are at the forefront of educational innovation. By partnering with ISF, schools can integrate STEM programs into their curriculum, establish STEM Tinkering labs, and encourage teacher training in STEM subjects. These initiatives create a conducive learning environment, fostering a passion for STEM among students and educators alike.

Our Talk Shows

STEM Works for Schools

We invite Leaders from Academia – Directors/Principals/STEM Mentors

In the talk show “STEM Works for Schools,” Dr. Herald will engage with passionate teachers and principals who have successfully integrated STEM education into their curriculum. Through insightful interviews, he will highlight their experiences, challenges, and the positive impact STEM education has had on students. This talk show aims to inspire other educators to embrace STEM and leverage STEM tinkering labs to foster a dynamic learning environment.

STEM Talks with Leaders

We invite Leaders from Industry – Corporate Professionals

STEM Talks with Leaders” is an exciting platform where Dr. Herald will interview industry leaders who firmly believe in the significance of STEM education for the future. These prolific discussions will shed light on the importance of STEM skills in various industries and how they contribute to innovation and progress. By showcasing the perspectives of these influential leaders, the talk show aims to inspire students, parents, and educators to recognize the value of STEM education.

STEM Conclave

We invite Leaders from Industry and Academia on a single stage to bridge the skill gap the recruiters face.

Bridging the Gap between what is being produced by Schools and what is needed in the Industry. STEM Conclave is a prestigious conference that brings together teachers, principals, leaders, and STEM enthusiasts. This gathering provides a unique opportunity to discuss the challenges, advantages, and future prospects of STEM education. Dr. Herald will moderate panel discussions, presentations, and interactive sessions that explore strategies to make STEM education accessible to all children, regardless of their financial background. The ultimate goal of STEM Conclave is to foster collaboration and find innovative solutions for creating an inclusive STEM ecosystem.

Successful Collaborations and STEM Talks so far

India STEM Foundation has already hosted numerous STEM talks and webinars on its media channels, featuring renowned experts and thought leaders in the field. These talks have covered diverse topics, including the future of AI, the importance of girls in STEM, and the role of industry-academia partnerships in shaping STEM education. Past collaborations with esteemed organizations like Bosch, Infogain, Tata Technologies, and Rockwell Automation have resulted in impactful initiatives and garnered widespread recognition for promoting STEM education.


The transformative power of STEM education is undeniable, and its impact on shaping the future of our nation cannot be understated. As an industry leader, CSR head, or school administrator, your support and collaboration with ISF can be a game-changer for countless young minds. By joining our dialogue on STEM education, you become a driving force for change, unlocking the potential of the next generation and building a future-ready workforce.

Join ISF in our mission to create a future where every child has access to quality STEM education. Together, let’s build a brighter and more innovative India.