India STEM Foundation New Website Launched - India STEM Foundation

India STEM Foundation New Website Launched

We are excited to announce the launch of a new version of our website, India STEM Foundation. Our CSR STEM Programs, which aim to motivate the next generation of problem solvers, critical thinkers, and innovators, are accessible through this digital platform. We encourage you to investigate the several channels available to you as we set out on this path to support STEM education.

There has never been a more pressing need for STEM education. In a world where technology is king, children confront constantly changing problems. We need to provide them a foundation in STEM subjects, 21st-century competencies, and problem-solving expertise in order to prepare them adequately. There are obstacles in India, but our goal is to give every child access to high-quality STEM education.

User-friendliness is given priority in the recently redesigned layout, which makes it easier to explore in-depth project information and conveniently access the world of STEM. Additionally, involvement in it is simple for people, organisations, and schools, guaranteeing a seamless and interesting experience for participants in a variety of STEM programs and, in the end, promoting a more accessible and inclusive STEM community.

NOTE: It’s a BETA version and there might be few bugs in the website as it is currently in its’ final stage. Feel free to share the feedback about the problems you encounter and help us to make the interface more user-friendly.

Elements of  India STEM Foundation

CSR STEM Education Programs

Our mission is centred on our CSR STEM programs. Join us in assisting in the development of tomorrow’s leaders. By participating in our STEM education projects:

STEM Tinkering Lab – ROBO Siksha Kendra

Empowering the next generation of innovators and problem solvers, the Robo Siksha Kendra is a STEM tinkering, robotics, A.I., and scientific lab programme that is devoted to uplifting society. Watch the STEM revolution happen as we develop these laboratories together. It aligns with NEP 2020, Atal Innovation Mission, and Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan. Join us in setting up these labs and inspiring young minds.

Gyanoday : STEM Education Support

The Gyanoday programme encourages students to seek higher STEM degrees by providing supplemental science and math instruction for grades 9 through 12. You can help create a brighter future by endorsing this programme.

Anushikshan :  Skill Development

We provide instructors and students with 21st-century and digital skills through the Anushikshan programme. By your assistance, students may close the skills gap and get ready for the challenges of the future.

Sanrachna : Infrastructure Support

By providing essential infrastructure, such as smart classrooms, libraries, solar electricity, and more, through the Sanrachna programme, we change educational institutions. Your support enables everyone to have access to high-quality education

STEM Teacher Training

Through our STEM Teacher Training programs, educators may acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to support students as they embark on their STEM adventures. By lending your support to our endeavour, you are endorsing high-quality education.The India STEM Foundation imparts STEM knowledge to educators and students. Teachers then use this knowledge to instruct hundreds of learners after training in the subject matter.


Robotics Competitions

Come support international robotics contests that appeal to young minds between the ages of six and nineteen. Students get the opportunity to demonstrate their STEM knowledge, creativity, and problem-solving skills in competitions such as FIRST LEGO League and the World Robot Olympiad. Your participation might have a big impact.

STEM Talks & Advocacy

One of the main forces behind current growth is STEM education. As a prominent figure in the business or academia, share your thoughts and perspectives to emphasize the significance of STEM education. The future of STEM education may be shaped and inspired by your voice. Come on, let’s discuss the potential of STEM:

STEM Works for Schools

“STEM Works for Schools” To encourage parents and kids to embrace the possibilities of STEM education, share your knowledge and advice. Emphasize to students the value of experiential learning and 21st-century abilities and how they pave the way for dynamic learning and fulfilling careers.

Stem Talks With Leaders

Dr. Herald speaks with prominent figures from the industry who support STEM education. Encourage parents, teachers, and students to respect STEM education by sharing your industry-wide views and highlighting the importance of STEM to innovation and advancement.

STEM Conclave

“STEM Conclave” to help educators, leaders, and enthusiasts close the gap between the educational and business worlds. Under the direction of Dr Herald, the program promotes inclusive STEM education using talks, demonstrations, and teamwork, guaranteeing that every kid may have access to a promising career in STEM.

School & Institutes Partnership

Through partnerships, one may access funding, free STEM learning opportunities for educators and students, and the opportunity to organize STEM contests. We can everybody have access to STEM education if we work together.

STEM-Ready Certification 

To demonstrate your dedication to the highest standards in STEM education, get your school certified as STEM Ready by the India STEM Foundation. This accreditation establishes a standard for academic success by demonstrating confidence in your STEM program, infrastructure, and quality.

Infrastructure Grants

Improve the STEM laboratories, resources, curriculum, and infrastructure at your school with the help of CSR funding managed by the India STEM Foundation. These funds enable your organisation to give students access to a cutting-edge STEM learning environment.

Certified Teacher Training

You can enroll in our Certified STEM Training programs to equip your teachers with practical teaching methods and 21st-century skills. This program ensures that children receive the finest STEM education possible by up-skilling instructors and improving the classroom environment.

Robotics Competitions

Involve your kids in your school from 6 to 19 years old by organizing and competing in international STEM and robotics contests. These contests foster future problem-solvers and innovators by encouraging kids to study STEM in fun and creative ways. They are distinguished by their hands-on, research-based, and mentor-led formats.

Legacy of Trusted Partnerships

We sincerely appreciate the faith and cooperation of our 254 business partners. We are advancing STEM education together and getting children ready for the future.