Rockwell Automation supports STEM Education

Rockwell Automation, a leading technology company, is making significant strides in supporting STEM education in India. With 12 STEM Tinkering labs or Robo Siksha Kendra they are empowering students with hands-on learning experiences. Additionally, Rockwell Automation sponsors 12 teams in the WRO India Regionals and 14 teams in the FLL India 2023 Seasons, fostering young talents’ passion for innovation and problem-solving in STEM. Their dedication to nurturing young minds is shaping a brighter future for STEM in the country.

Setting up Robo Siksha Kendra

Rockwell Automation, is taking a major step in advancing STEM education by establishing 12 STEM Tinkering labs across India. With 2 labs in each city – Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, and Chennai; they are providing students with practical learning opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These labs or Robo Siksha Kendra are state-of-the-art centers of creativity, innovation, and skill development, and will create a new generation of problem solvers and innovators. Rockwell Automation’s commitment to promoting STEM in these cities will undoubtedly contribute to building a brighter and more technologically adept future for India.

Encouraging participation in WRO

Rockwell Automation are actively empowering young minds by supporting 12 teams in the Future Innovators category at the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) India Regionals. By providing this sponsorship, Rockwell Automation is encouraging students to explore the world of robotics, engineering, and innovation. The WRO competition allows participants to showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills through robotic challenges, fostering a passion for STEM fields. With Rockwell Automation’s support, these teams have the opportunity to compete at a regional level and gain valuable experience in teamwork, critical thinking, and technical expertise. This commitment to nurturing young talent underscores Rockwell Automation’s dedication to shaping a future generation of skilled individuals and fostering a culture of innovation in India.

Promoting First LEGO League

Rockwell has set an example for CSR companies to propagate STEM education by promoting 14 FIRST LEGO League (FLL) India 2023 Seasons. FLL is an internationally renowned program that engages students in hands-on robotics and real-world problem-solving challenges. Through this collaboration, Rockwell Automation is providing students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in STEM learning and develop critical skills such as teamwork, creativity, and innovation. By participating in FLL, students gain valuable experience in designing, building, and programming robots to tackle real-world challenges. Rockwell Automation’s support is instrumental in empowering these young minds to become future-ready and excel in STEM fields. This partnership reinforces Rockwell Automation’s dedication to fostering a culture of curiosity, exploration, and technological excellence among the youth in India.