Sensia and CrowdStrike Support to WRO India

In a remarkable collaboration, Sensia Global and CrowdStrike have extended their support to the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) India, demonstrating their commitment to nurturing young talents and fostering innovation. This partnership has paved the way for 3000 students to participate in the prestigious WRO India National Entrance Test (NET) and beyond. Let’s delve into how this collaboration is shaping the future of robotics in India.

Fueling Educational Aspirations

Sensia Global, a leader in fully-integrated oilfield automation solutions, and CrowdStrike, renowned for its cutting-edge cloud-native cybersecurity platform, have offered a scholarship of Rs.1,750/student to enable over 3000 students to take part in the WRO India NET. This initiative not only empowers students but also underlines the commitment of both companies to education and technology.

World Robot Olympiad India: Fostering Innovation

The World Robot Olympiad India is a premier international robotics competition for students aged 8-19. Through this collaboration, students enter the competition at Level 1, the National Entrance Test. This level focuses on the Future Innovators category, where teams of 2-3 students devise innovative and intelligent robotics solutions, aligned with the theme “Connecting the World.”

Breaking Barriers: ISF Partner Schools

Historically, participation in WRO from schools was limited. To address this, the concept of ISF Partner schools emerged. It allows schools to enroll their students at Level 1, making the competition more accessible by reducing the cost barrier.

Unveiling the Four Levels of WRO India

  1. NET (National Entrance Test): The first level evaluates students’ science, math, and aptitude skills in a 1-hour online test. Scoring above 60% opens the door to the next level.
  2. Virtual Regional: Successful students progress to Level 2, where they form teams and participate in an online project submission round. Here, they pitch their conceptual solution through presentations and videos.
  3. Regional Rounds: After clearing the virtual regional, students create a working prototype of their solution and present it during in-person regional and national competitions.
  4. National Championship: The culmination of the journey, where finalists compete for top honors. This championship could lead to representing India in the international round.

A Bright Future with Sensia and CrowdStrike

Sensia Global and CrowdStrike’s support for WRO India has ushered in a new era of innovation and technological entrepreneurship. By enabling thousands of students to showcase their talent and creativity, this collaboration has the potential to transform India’s robotics landscape.


Sensia Global and CrowdStrike’s collaboration has empowered 3000 students to participate in the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) India. Sensia Global, known for oilfield automation, and CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity leader, offered a scholarship of Rs.1,750/student. This support enables students to appear for WRO India NET, a platform that fosters innovation.

The competition comprises four levels: NET, Virtual Regional, Regional Rounds, and the National Championship. Students at Level 1 craft intelligent robotics solutions. Virtual Regional involves project submissions, while Regional Rounds test prototypes. The National Championship crowns winners.

This partnership eliminates barriers, encouraging school participation through ISF Partner schools. Sensia and CrowdStrike’s support signifies a transformative step in India’s robotics landscape, nurturing talent and innovation.