Spectris Foundation Supported Young Innovators


Spectris Foundation, a committed advocate of STEM education, has played a pivotal role in empowering young innovators through its support of India STEM Foundation‘s STEM Tinkering Labs. By establishing these labs, Spectris Foundation aims to impart crucial skills like Design Mindset, Computational Thinking, Adaptive Learning, and Physical Computing to students, equipping them for a future driven by science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Early Access to STEM Skills and Careers

The foundation recognizes the importance of providing early access to STEM skills and career opportunities for students. Through the STEM Tinkering Labs, young minds are exposed to a wide array of STEM concepts, sparking their curiosity and igniting a passion for exploration.

Hands-On Fun-Filled Activities

The labs are designed to offer hands-on and fun-filled activities that revolve around STEM, creativity, and problem-solving. By engaging in practical projects and experiments, students develop critical skills such as teamwork, analytical thinking, and creativity, setting them on a path towards becoming innovative problem solvers.

Involvement and Capacity Building of Teachers

Spectris Foundation understands that teachers play a crucial role in nurturing young talents. Thus, the program focuses on involving and capacity-building of teachers. They are provided with the necessary training and resources to facilitate a conducive learning environment and encourage students’ passion for STEM subjects.

Apt Monitoring and Evaluation Matrix

 To ensure the effectiveness of the program, an apt monitoring and evaluation matrix is put in place. The progress and development of students are closely monitored, and feedback is collected regularly to make necessary improvements and enhancements.

The Journey at Bharat English School, Pune

One of the successful implementations of Spectris Foundation’s support was witnessed at Bharat English School in Pune. The program offered three levels of training to students.

In the initial phase, students were introduced to the world of STEM through orientation sessions and introductory lessons. They gained insights into various STEM disciplines and began their journey of discovery.

The second level delved deeper into hands-on working sessions. Students were encouraged to apply theoretical concepts to practical projects, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of hardware and software usage, computational skills, and programming.

In the final level, students participated in advanced prototyping sessions. Here, they honed their skills in design thinking, problem-solving, and 3D printing. The sessions culminated in the creation of innovative prototypes and projects.

Successful Project Outcomes and Acquired Skills

Throughout the program, students achieved remarkable project outcomes and acquired essential skills such as computer literacy, programming, design thinking, and proficiency in using 3D printing technology. Their overall participation and presentations in various competitions showcased their newfound confidence and knowledge in STEM subjects.

Spectris Foundation’s support in establishing STEM Tinkering Labs has been instrumental in fostering a generation of young innovators and problem solvers. Through hands-on learning and practical experiences, students at Bharat English School, Pune, and other participating institutions have acquired invaluable STEM skills, preparing them to meet the challenges of the future. As Spectris Foundation continues its mission to empower youth through STEM education, the journey towards creating a technologically advanced and innovative India gains momentum.