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STEM Works for Schools

STEM Works for Schools is a talk show featuring esteemed educators and academic leaders sharing their insights which aim to promote STEM education in schools and highlight the importance of integrating STEM concepts into the curriculum, hands-on STEM learning, and participation in STEM and robotics competitions like the World Robot Olympiad and the First Lego League.

About the Speaker: Ms Mrinalinni Singh

Ms Mrinalinni is a passionate STEM enthusiast and the esteemed Principal of Yadu Public School, Noida. As a vital part of our team, she empowers students with her guidance, knowledge, and wisdom, promoting STEM education and hands-on learning in the curriculum as per National Education Policy 2020.

Highlights from the Interview

Ans: STEM Education is crucial in reinforcing the implementation of NEP 2020 as it emphasizes practical-based and hands-on learning. It enables evidence-based knowledge, unlocks students’ potential, and fosters future innovators. Integrating STEM into the curriculum aligns with the policy’s learning outcomes and gives students a competitive edge in the job market.

Ans: Currently, I am engrossed in reading Amar Chitra Katha and Tinkle. I am an avid reader of Tinkle and have a lifetime subscription. Additionally, I have started reading Bhagavad Gita, which imparts valuable life values by Lord Shri Krishna, such as performing good deeds without worrying about the future.

Ans: Hands-on training is of utmost importance, especially with the implementation of NEP 2020, which mandates vocational training from grades 6 to 12. It helps students think innovatively, gain practical experience, and explore the tools they will use in their careers. This approach improves kinesthetic learning, allows students to apply theory practically, and prepares them for future industry challenges.

Ans: Compassion and respect for team members’ views and opinions are essential attributes of a team player. Appreciating sincere effort even if the outcome falls short is crucial. Encouraging compassion is particularly important for boys.

Ans: Embracing failure as an inevitable part of life is the first step in dealing with it. Treat failures as valuable learning experiences and opportunities for growth. Analyze the process to identify areas for improvement or different approaches.

Crux of the Interview

Ms Mrinalinni’s insights emphasize the significance of STEM education in aligning with NEP 2020’s goals. Hands-on training, compassion, and embracing failure as a learning experience are a few of the vital aspects of being a future innovator. We thank Ms Mrinalinni for her valuable contribution and for empowering students with her knowledge and initiatives. 

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