CSR Supported WRO India Teams, Bangalore Regional

The echoes of innovation and creativity reverberated through the corridors of Lowry Memorial Higher Secondary School on the 30th of August during the WRO India Regional Round, Bangaluru. This event marked the convergence of young minds, cutting-edge technology, and a shared passion for robotics. In this article, we delve into the heart of this exceptional event, celebrating the success, innovation, and collaboration that defined the day.

Celebrating Success: WRO India Regional Round, Bangaluru

The WRO India Regional Round, Bangaluru, wasn’t just an event; it was a celebration of young innovators who embraced the challenge of WRO India Season 2023 theme – “Connecting the World.” With a vibrant atmosphere and active participation of 29 teams, the event highlighted the limitless potential of technology to bridge gaps and forge connections.

Nurturing Ingenuity: A Showcase of Ideas

At the core of the WRO India Regional Round, Bangaluru, were the projects that captivated the audience’s imagination. The teams unleashed their creativity, blending technical expertise with boundless imagination. These projects didn’t merely solve problems; they embodied the spirit of innovation that fuels progress in the modern world.

Unveiling the Champions: Winners Across Categories

The event recognized and celebrated the achievements of winners across Elementary, Junior, and Senior categories. These young minds demonstrated remarkable problem-solving skills and a deep understanding of technology’s potential to transform lives. Each winner left a mark, showing that innovation knows no age limits.

Partners in Progress: Rockwell Automation and Athenahealth

The WRO India Regional Round, Bangaluru, received substantial support from organizations that recognize the value of nurturing young talent. Let’s briefly look at how these partners played a pivotal role:
All of these supported teams are from South West Region Schools equipped with Robo Siksha Kendra STEM Tinkering Labs which are supported by these fine Institutions themselves through India STEM Foundation’s program under their CSR initiative.

Robo Siksha Kendra Program

The Robo Siksha Kendra Program, initiated by the India STEM Foundation, is a transformative initiative focused on integrating robotics and hands-on learning into Indian education. By establishing state-of-the-art STEM Tinkering Labs equipped with cutting-edge robotics technology, the program aims to empower students with practical skills and a deep understanding of science and engineering concepts.

These labs serve as hubs of creativity and innovation, providing a platform for students to design, build, and experiment with robotics projects. The Robo Siksha Kendra Program not only enhances students’ STEM proficiency but also cultivates their problem-solving abilities and fosters a passion for technological exploration.

Showcasing the Stars: CSR-Supported Teams

The following six teams shone as beacons of innovation and collaboration, propelled by the support of Rockwell Automation and Athenahealth.

Rockwell Automation Supported Teams:

  • Safety Squad – Fire Detection

Concept: Enabling swift response to boat fires, the project ensures automatic water supply from onboard tanks or storage upon fire detection.

School: Sri Vivekananda vidhya Kendra, Bengaluru
Team Members: Kumar M, Karthik S, & Arun M

  • The Green Innovators – Trash Collective Robots

Concept: Autonomous Garbage Collection robot offers automated control for efficient garbage collection. It adeptly navigates around static and dynamic obstacles, enhancing waste management processes through programmed intelligence.

School: Swami Vivekananda vidhya Kendra, Bengaluru

Team Members: Meghanath Bisan & Sinchan S

  • The Green Innovators – Smart Traffic System For Ambulance

Concept: The Smart Traffic System prioritizes ambulance flow using RFID detection near hospitals. Dynamic signal adjustment through RFID readers and LED lights expedites ambulance passage, optimizing traffic control for swift medical aid.

School: Moongibai Geonka Girls Hr Sec School, Chennai

Team Members: Ramalakshmi K, Preeti S, &Thriveni M

  • VG Innovators/Dr Kalam – Smart Health Monitoring System For Ship

Concept: This portable device ensures independent health tracking and can be used anywhere, providing essential aid for timely medical attention.

School: Valluvar Gurukulam Higher secondary school, Chennai

Team Members: R.S Thanushika, M. Mohamed arsath, & S. Subash

Athenahealth Supported Team:

  • The Green Innovators – Home Security System

Concept: Arduino Uno reads ultrasonic sensor data to detect intruders. On detection, the microcontroller triggers, and the GSM module uses AT commands to call the registered mobile number, alerting about intrusion..

School: Parikrma Center for Learning, Bengaluru

Team Members: Alam Pasha, Chandu P, & Manoj V

  • Creative Rulers – Home Security System

Concept: Arduino Uno reads ultrasonic sensor data to detect intruders. On detection, the microcontroller triggers, and the GSM module uses AT commands to call the registered mobile number, alerting about intrusion..

School: Government Higher Secondary School, Chennai

Team Members: Vimal S, Gabriel N, & Indulakshmi S

The Power of STEM Education and CSR

The WRO India Regional Round, Bangaluru, spotlighted how STEM education has become a focal point for CSR investments. By nurturing the next generation of innovators and leaders, organizations like Rockwell Automation and Athenahealth are actively shaping a future where technology and imagination merge seamlessly.


The WRO India Regional Round, Bangaluru, illuminated the transformative potential of technology and collaboration. As the CSR-supported teams showcased their projects and ideas, they left an indelible mark on the event and a promise of a brighter, tech-driven tomorrow.


1.  How many teams participated in the WRO India Regional Round, Bangaluru?

A total of 29 teams from various schools participated in the event.

2.  What was the theme of the WRO India Season 2023?

The theme was “Connecting the World,” inspiring projects that fostered global connections.

  • How did CSR-supported teams stand out at the event?

CSR-supported teams showcased outstanding projects that addressed real-world challenges through innovation.

4.  What is the significance of Rockwell Automation and Athenahealth’s support?

These organizations played a vital role in fostering innovation, environmental sustainability, and maritime safety.

5.  Why is STEM education a focus for CSR initiatives?

STEM education equips young minds with the skills to drive technological progress and innovation, contributing to a brighter future.