WRO South-West Regional conducted in Bangalore

Bangalore, August 30, 2023 – The city of Bangalore played host to a remarkable event, the WRO India Regional Round, organized by the India STEM Foundation. Taking place at the prestigious Lowry Memorial Higher Secondary School, the event marked a vibrant convergence of technology and innovation. The day witnessed enthusiastic participation from school teams across the region, showcasing their excellence in robotics and engineering.

Exploring the Theme of WRO India Season 2023: “Connecting the World”

Aligned with the theme of this year’s World Robot Olympiad, “Connecting the World,” the Bangalore Regional Round was a celebration of technology’s role in fostering global connectivity. The event aimed to challenge participating teams to create innovative robotic solutions that bridge geographical boundaries and foster meaningful connections.

Unveiling the WRO India Regional Rounds

The WRO India Regional Rounds provide an exclusive platform for school teams that have demonstrated their potential through the rigorous WRO India National Entrance Test Exam, particularly in the Future Innovators category. These rounds offer budding innovators a chance to test their skills and compete on a national level.

India STEM Foundation: A Driving Force

The India STEM Foundation, as the National Organizer of the World Robot Olympiad (WRO) in India, showcases its commitment to nurturing STEM education. Collaborations with esteemed partners amplify the impact of events like the WRO India Regional Round.

Showcasing Ingenuity: Participants and Categories

The WRO India South-West Regional Round in Bangalore saw the active participation of 28 school teams categorized as Junior, Elementary, and Senior. Each category presented a working prototype aligned with the year’s theme, “Connecting the World.” This diversity of ideas and innovation highlighted the collaborative spirit of the event.

Celebrating the Winners

The competition resulted in the recognition of exceptional teams in each category:

Elementary Category:

1st Position

Team Name: Blueberry

  • Coach: Reshma Ali Ghosh
  • School: Lowry Memorial school, Bengaluru
  • Team Members: Shanaya Ghosh, Lakshay Kumari

2nd Position

Team Name: Scientific Wizards

  • Coach: Ponnulakshmi
  • School: The Vrukksha School
  • Team Members: Saranya, Srikar, Srivatsav

3rd Position

Team Name: Inquisitive Innovators

  • Coach: Ramya
  • School: Vrukkasha School
  • Team Members: Madhura, Nikhil, Lashika

Junior Category:

1st Position

Team Name: Team Perseverence

  • Coach: Dr Saurav Das
  • School: Gopalan International School
  • Team Members: Srishan Ravi, Sanchita Sharath

2nd Position

Team Name: Robotrons

  • Coach: Dr Kuheli Mondal
  • School: Gopalan International School
  • Team Members: Ashlesha Gaur, Siddanth Kartha, Mukund V

3rd Position

Team Name: RoboChamp

  • Coach: Parav pandit
  • School: BGS National Public School
  • Team Members: Praket Parav Pandit, Anarghya P H

Senior Category:

1st Position:

Team Name: Team Innovation

  • Coach: Dr Saurav das
  • School: Gopalan International School
  • Team Members: Adrik Hajra Chowdhury, Ajay Bino

Nurturing CSR Initiatives

Notably, several teams in the WRO Regional Round Bangalore were supported by prominent organizations. Six teams received support, with four backed by Rockwell Automation and two by AthenaHealth through the ROBO SIKSHA KENDRA program. These initiatives underscore these organizations’ dedication to promoting STEM Education in India and empowering students to unleash their potential.

Acknowledging Partners’ Contribution

The successful execution of the WRO India Regional Round, Bangalore, was made possible through the invaluable support of key partners:

Supporting Partners:

  • National Council of Science Museums (NCSM): Contributing to the foundation of scientific inquiry and innovation.
  • CrowdStrike: Paving the way for secure and innovative technology solutions.
  • Sensia Global: Nurturing an environment of technological exploration and growth.
  • LEGO Education: Empowering young minds through hands-on learning experiences.

Presenting Partner:

  • RoboGenius: Enriching the event’s grandeur with expertise and innovation.

E-commerce Partner:

  • Gugglu: Facilitating seamless technological advancements.

Outreach Partner:

  • Twinning Owl: Expanding the event’s outreach and engagement.

Host Partners:

  • Lowry Memorial Higher Secondary School: Providing a conducive environment for innovation to thrive.

Recognizing Distinguished Guests

Distinguished individuals graced the event as Chief Guest and Judges:

Chief Guests:
Dr Naageshwar Rao, President – Lawry Memorial Institutions
Mr. Ajai David – Institution’s Vice President
Mrs. Malini Rao -Associate Business Manager, Lawry Memorial Institutions


  • Dr. Ramesh P
  • Dr. Imtiyaz Ahmed B K
  • Shikha Singh
  • Prateek Kumar

Gratitude for Volunteers

The smooth execution of the event owed much to the dedicated volunteer students from Lowry Memorial Higher Secondary School. Their meticulous management of every aspect ensured the event’s success, reflecting their commitment to fostering STEM education.

Emphasizing STEM through CSR

With the growing emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), there is renewed attention on STEM education. Organizations recognize STEM’s pivotal role in shaping future innovators, and their initiatives are paving the way for transformative learning experiences.

India STEM Foundation: Igniting Minds, Shaping Futures

India STEM Foundation’s mission is to ignite young minds with the power of STEM education. Events like the WRO India Regional Round bring this vision closer to reality. The seamless integration of innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing creates a dynamic ecosystem where students thrive as future innovators.

As the WRO India Regional Round, Bangalore, celebrates its success, attention turns to the upcoming WRO India Regional Round in Hyderabad on September 1st, 2023. The event will be hosted at Okaridge International School Hyderabad. The journey continues as India STEM Foundation inspires, empowers, and equips the next generation of innovators for a brighter future.

For more information, visit indiastemfoundation.org

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the theme of WRO India Season 2023? The theme of WRO India Season 2023 is “Connecting the World,” focusing on leveraging technology to establish meaningful connections across borders.
  2. How are school teams selected for WRO India Regional Rounds? School teams qualify for WRO India Regional Rounds through the WRO India National Entrance Test Exam and Virtual Regional Round, particularly in the Future Innovators category.
  3. What is the role of India STEM Foundation in the event? India STEM Foundation serves as the National Organizer of the World Robot Olympiad in India, fostering a culture of innovation and technological exploration.
  4. How can organizations support STEM education initiatives? Organizations can support STEM education initiatives through partnerships, sponsorships, and CSR initiatives that provide students with access to learning experiences and resources.
  5. What is the significance of CSR initiatives in STEM education? CSR initiatives play a vital role in promoting STEM education by providing students with opportunities to engage with technology, innovation, and hands-on learning.


The WRO India Regional Round, Bangaluru, stands as a testament to the remarkable potential of young minds in the realm of robotics and innovation. With the support of partners and organizations dedicated to nurturing STEM education, this event serves as a beacon of inspiration for future generations. As the journey continues, India STEM Foundation remains steadfast in its commitment to igniting minds and shaping futures through the power of STEM education.

Be prepared for WRO India Regional Round, Hyderabad, to be held on September 1st, 2023, at Okaridge International School Khajaguda, Nanakramguda Road, Cyberabad, Hyderabad – 500008. Telangana