WRO India NET Conducted In SouthWest Region

The World Robot Olympiad (WRO) is a prestigious STEM and robotics competition that provides a platform for young minds to showcase their creativity, problem-solving skills, and passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). India STEM Foundation is the national organizer of WRO in India.

Level 1 – WRO India National Entrance Test (NET)

The WRO India National Entrance Test is an online science and math olympiad, an objective test that assesses students’ Math, Evs/Science, and Aptitude knowledge. It caters to students from 3rd to 12th grade, with varying difficulty levels for each grade. The test duration is 1 hour and is exclusively available to students from India STEM Foundation Partner Schools.

The curriculum is designed to cover grade-appropriate concepts, regardless of the school board type. To qualify for the Level 2 – Virtual Regional Round, students must score 60% or above. The test is conveniently accessible on various devices, and the joining link is sent via email.

NET South-West Region: Overview

The South-West region round of the WRO India National Entrance Test was successfully conducted on July 9th, 2023, encompassing several states. It brings together students from diverse backgrounds, creating a vibrant and competitive environment. 2,100 students from more than 30 India STEM Foundation partner schools in the region appeared for the test.

The results were announced on July 12th and promptly shared with the respective schools in the region. The participation and enthusiasm displayed by the students reflect their dedication towards STEM education and their commitment to showcasing their skills in the WRO competition.

Congratulations to all the students who took part in the exam!

Upcoming: NET North-East Region

We want to announce that the WRO India National Entrance Test (NET) will be conducted in the North-East region on July 30th, 2023, from 3 PM to 4 PM IST. Students interested in participating must register and enrol before July 20th, 2023, as it is the final date for registration. The Science and maths olympiad will be held online, and the students will receive the portal link along with their username and password three days before the exam date. Here are a few things to be noted:

Important requisites & joining instructions 

  • A stable internet connection.
  • The test is accessible on Smartphones/Laptop/desktops/iPad /tablet
  • Children should log in at least 15 minutes before the scheduled exam time.

Test details 

  • Maximum marks are out of 100.
  • There will be negative markings for every incorrect answer from class 6 onwards.
  • Children should score 60% marks to qualify for level 2: Virtual Regional Round.

It is important to note that the result for the NET in the Northeast region will be declared on August 2nd, 2023.

We encourage all aspiring participants to prepare well and wish them luck for this exciting opportunity.

Informative Webinars

This is to inform all the participants of the WRO India National Entrance Test (NET) in the North-East region that we will be conducting informative webinars to enhance their understanding of the test and boost their confidence. STEM experts and trainers will facilitate these webinars.

While the South-West region webinars have already taken place in the previous month, students in the North-East region can also benefit from these sessions. The webinar schedule for the North-East region is as follows:

1. WRO India and NET Orientation on Saturday, July 22nd, 2023, at 8 PM.

 2. Rules, Regulations, and Competition Format on Sunday, July 23rd, 2023, at 8 PM.

3. Tips for Cracking the NET Exam on Monday, July 24th, 2023, at 8 PM.

Note: These webinars are only accessible to the students participating in WRO India NET Exam.

We encourage all participants to join these webinars to gain valuable insights and clarity regarding the National Entrance Test.

WRO India Theme for 2023: Connecting the World

The WRO India Season 2023 theme is “Connecting the World,” emphasizing the importance of global connectivity and collaboration.

The students/teams can showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills again this year. They will be tasked with presenting an idea, project blueprint and later a working prototype aligned with the theme of “Connecting the World.” This idea or project could involve innovative solutions that foster connections and enhance global communication.

We encourage participants to think outside the box and develop groundbreaking ideas contributing to a more connected and interconnected world.

WRO India Level 2: Virtual Regional Round

Level 2 Virtual Regional Round is the next stage for students who successfully advance from the WRO India National Entrance Test under the Future Innovators category.

In this round, students will have the opportunity to compete in teams. The teams will be tasked with virtually presenting their idea or project blueprint, utilizing research data and presentations to validate their concepts to the judges.

This round is a crucial step in the WRO India journey, where participants showcase their innovative ideas and demonstrate their ability to bring them to life.

WRO India Level 3: Regional round

The students whose ideas are validated by the judges in the Level 2 Virtual Regional Round will have the opportunity to advance to Level 3 of WRO India, the Regional Round.

Note: Unlike the previous rounds, the Level 3 Regional Round is open to all teams, including private teams that are not affiliated with ISF partner schools. These teams can directly enter the Regional Round under their preferred category by paying a participation fee of INR 18000 per team.

During the Level 3 Regional Round, participants will showcase their innovation in person and compete with other teams from the same region. They will be required to present a working prototype based on the idea/project blueprint that is already validated by the judges.

This round is a thrilling opportunity for the teams to demonstrate the practical implementation of their ideas and showcase their technical skills. The competition will be fierce as teams strive to impress the judges and secure their place in the National Championship.

WRO India Level 4: National Championship

The WRO India Level 4 National Championship is the ultimate battleground for teams nationwide. The teams that emerge victorious in this round will earn the prestigious “National Champions” title.

These champions will be honoured to represent our nation on the international stage. They will compete against teams worldwide in the International Championship of World Robot Olympiad, scheduled to take place in Panama this year.

The journey from regional champions to international contenders is a testament to their dedication and hard work. The nation will be cheering for our National Champions as they aim to bring glory to India in robotics and technology.