WRO India Virtual Regional Round Is Here

WRO, which stands for World Robot Olympiad, is an international STEM and robotics competition that challenges students to showcase their creativity, problem-solving skills, and innovation through the use of robotics. WRO India is organised by India STEM Foundation, the competition aims to promote STEM education and robotics among the youth, fostering their interest in science and technology.

World Robot Olympiad Lvl-1: NET

The journey at WRO India starts with the Lvl-1 National Entrance Test (NET), where students compete to showcase their fundamental knowledge in robotics. National Entrance Test is an online objective test that assesses students’ knowledge in Math, Evs/Science, and Aptitude. It caters to students from 3rd to 12th grade, with varying difficulty levels for each grade.

Latest: WRO India NET conducted in South-West region

Students who scored 60% and above in the WRO India NET exam will advance to the next stage, which is the Virtual Regional Round

WRO India Lvl-2: Virtual Regional Round

In the WRO Lvl-2 Virtual Regional Round, students or teams have to present the idea and blueprint of their prototype using diagrams and presentations. Additionally, they are required to submit a team video introducing them, explaining the concept behind their prototype, and how it relates to the theme of WRO season 2023 – “Connecting the World.”

The dates for Virtual Regional Round South-West region are as follow:

Project Submission: 2nd – 4th August

Results: 10th August

The judges carefully evaluate these submissions, and based on their assessment, teams get approved to advance to the WRO Lvl-3 Regional Round.

Progression Criteria

School teams – entry through NET:

  • All school students entering World Robot Olympiad India through WRO India
    National Entrance Test (NET) can form teams to participate only in the
    Future Innovators Category. These teams will participate in the Virtual
    Regional (Level 2), In-personal regional (Level 3) before proceeding to WRO
    India National (Level 4).
  • There is no entry into RoboMission Category through WRO India National
    Entrance Test (NET).

Private teams:

  • All private teams registering for RoboMission and for Future Innovators
    category shall participate directly at the WRO India National – Level 4.
  • All teams participating in Future Engineers category teams shall also
    participate directly at the Nationals

Informative Webinars for Virtual Regional Round

Webinars are organized to help participants gain valuable insights and tips for the Virtual Regional Round. Participants can get a clear understanding of the format and guidelines.

The dates for the webinars are declared on the website.

The WRO Lvl-3: Regional Round

It is a critical stage where teams compete at the regional level. They get the opportunity to showcase their fully developed prototypes; these prototypes are expected to perform a minimum number of tasks to qualify on a mat especially designed based on the current year’s theme.

The judges evaluate the projects based on their innovation, functionality, and relevance to the competition’s theme. The top-performing teams from the regional rounds qualify for the prestigious WRO Lvl-4 National Championship. 

The WRO Lvl-4 National Championship

This is the final stage of the competition, where the best teams from different regions come together to compete for the national title. The event is a culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and passion for robotics. The participants not only compete but also learn from each other, forming lasting friendships and memories along the way.

In conclusion, the WRO journey is an extraordinary opportunity for young robotics enthusiasts to explore their potential and grow as innovators and problem solvers. It encourages them to think critically, collaborate, and push the boundaries of what they can achieve through technology. To all the participants, embrace this experience with excitement and determination because the world is waiting to witness the brilliance of young minds in action.