FLL India 2017-18 Progression Criteria

A. Progression to National Championship through 1:2 rule for FLL teams
  • In order to have a uniform representation & maximum opportunities at the National, teams would progress to the national from each regional competition in the ratio of 1:2
  • 1 team out of every 2 teams (or part thereof) shall progress from regional competition to the national championship in each category
B. Eligibility to qualify for 1:2 rule for FLL teams
  • The participation & performance in all interview sessions is MUST for all teams; Robot Design, Research Project, Core Values (measured across all areas of tournament but not in a separate room). In addition to the performance at interviews teams should score at least 100 points or more (>=100 points) in the Robot Game at their respective regional competition to be eligible for progression to National Championship
  • At each regional event following awards will be given irrespective of team/s scoring 100 or >=100 points in the Robot Game. The Robot Game eligibility (ref B) is applied only for providing progression to national event.
    1. Champion’s Award
    2. Core Values
    3. Research Project
    4. Robot Design
    5. Robot Game
  • There may be instances in one or more regional/s that a team wins Champion’s Award or any other award but doesn’t get progression to national for not meeting the eligibility to qualify for 1:2 rule (ref A & B)
C. Opportunity for Junior FLL teams at National Championship
  • All the Junior FLL teams participated at regional tournaments are eligible to display their projects at FLL India National Championship
  • Teams will receive a communication in the 2nd week of January 2018 for their confirmation to display at National. Teams may choose not to participate considering their convenience and comfortability
  • All the teams that display at National will receive Certificate of Participation for displaying the project at National Championship