We cannot define SUCCESS without U! We feel privileged to have a like-minded family that wholeheartedly supports us in pursuing our endeavours at their capacity. We invite you to explore the various ways through which you can support and join our family.

Our programs are not typical commercial event exhibitions or marketing activities in which brand penetration & retention is superficial. Our programs leave a life changing impact on the mind of participants, parents, educators and anyone who gets involved.

It gives an excitement that is unmatched and is remembered for a much longer duration. The brand penetration & retention that our programs offer to the associated brand/s is deep & genuine. Brand/s remain alive with the involved minds for not only days, but for years!

Our programs also offer a comprehensive & customizable list of deliverables spread through out a year (program launch to culmination). The deliverables are complemented by the enlightened community of stakeholders involved in our programs, multi-fold organic visibility, audience generated content etc.

Teams interested to participate & avail from our programs happen to incur costs associated with purchasing of kit of parts, registration fee, travel & accommodation for the competition etc. These costs may suppress the enthusiasm of teams and hence the support will promote the deserving teams towards their success

The supporting organization will have multiple opportunities for creating branded merchandise for the teams (t-shirts, caps, robot, accessories etc.) along with deliverables associated with team sponsorship

Our programs recognise teams for their work through several awards. Judges play a key role in selecting the award recipients through interaction with teams, review of their work/presentations, review of their robot performance etc. Individuals from all walks of life shall contribute their time at our programs often held during the weekends.

Teams require regular guidance as they work through the challenges to participate in the competitions. Mentors or Coaches need to contribute about 2-3 hours on weekends during the competition season to help the teams for preparation and also encourage them to learn directly through experiences. Individuals with both technical or non-technical disciplines  willing to work with & inspire students of age group 9 to 25 years shall help teams to:

  • Prepare plan of action for the season
  • Lead & coordinate team meetings
  • Provide technical training/inputs as required
  • Support administrative activities like registering team, communication with organizers

Involve with us in behind the scenes & competition management to successfully execute our programs. Volunteers at our programs will have various roles & responsibilities that may vary from guiding teams on their queries to time keeping on the game tables. Individuals passionate about science & technology and willing to take the onus of responsibilities will definitely enjoy the fun & excitement involved in our programs.

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