Our STEM Program Anushiksan assists students in upskilling their technical skillset by getting hands-on experience. The goal is to make STEM Education in India more accessible


Our STEM Program –  Anushiksan extends its support by helping students upskill their technological skillset and is making STEM Education in India more accessible.

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With the growing demand for tech-savvy individuals, it’s become the need of the hour for people to invest their time and effort in learning and exploring something fruitful. Hence the idea of Anushiksan came into live. Students should be well equipped with the technical knowledge to get ahead in their STEM career

What does Anushiksan has to Offer?

What does Anushiksan has to Offer?

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The primary target is to promote STEM education in India and make people aware of the same and the need for it in recent times.

New CSR Projects in Skills Development in India –

It also opens up new CSR projects in Skill Development in India, which will help companies and students. Both parties receive benefits through the Program.

Providing Exposure –

It also provides students with the much-required exposure that adds to their personality and knowledge through the multiple-skill development programs that involve teaching coding and various languages like Python, Java, C++, etc

Anushiksan makes learning a new coding language easy and makes it accessible for the underserved, which commonly they won’t be able to access. Thus, the Program is promoting the skill development program in India.

 Get associated with Anushiksan, our skill development program, customise it how it suits you, and help the students get familiar with the newest programming languages and technology.

Yes, there’s a provision for online access. The Program is flexible and thus provides provision for online options where you can enrol and seek benefits online.

A big yes! It makes coding easy to learn and fun by employing innovation, making sessions interactive and helping students know its practical usage.