Why STEM Education?

We focus on polishing the core STEM concepts, hands-on learning, and skill development to prepare students for the challenges of the
21st century.

You can also read our blog in detail – What is STEM education, and why is it Important?

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Aligned With

Our CSR-powered STEM programs are inspired by and in line with the missions and initiatives of various institutions.

Our STEM Education Programs

Robo Siksha Kendra

These State-of-the-art STEM tinkering labs in underserved
schools serve as dynamic and engaging spaces with exciting
equipment and DIY kits – robotics, electronics, mechanical, safety tools,
3D-printers, telescope, microscope etc. to better teach and learn the core
concepts of STEM.

    Program Objectives

Build scientific, entrepreneurial and 
       innovative temperament among students

Develop design thinking, programming and
       essential lifeskills in students

Value for Investment
          Showcase where your organization stands

           ﹄ Year-long engagement with school

Participation in National Robotics Competitions

           ﹄ FLL/FTC etc.

Skills Taught

Students develop essential skills crucial for success in the digital age by immersing themselves in STEM disciplines.








The cost of Setting up and Implementation of each Robo Siksha Kendra can vary depending upon the extent of implementation and the number of students in the school. Location.


Case Studies

Program Implementation


Funding our STEM Education Programs under CSR

Year-long Employee Volunteer Engagement Activities

Beneficiary Schools

Apply for Grants and check eligibility

Claim Free STEM Labs

Free STEM Training for its teachers

STEM Trainers

STEM Teacher training to make the RSK Sustainable

Testing Student’s Progress – base-line,Mid-line, & End-line Testing

Reporting Student’s Sucess

Students, Teachers and Parents

Learn Application of science and technology

Induction sessions for students and Parents


Program Managers

Success Execution of the Program

IBridge between Beneficiary schools,STEM trainers & Corporates