STEM Works For Schools Conclave 1st Edition Feedback

Thanks for attending the Conclave; We hope you liked it and learned a lot of new things from it. Your feedback is precious to us, as it helps us improve and provide a better experience for future participants. We would appreciate a few moments of your time. Your feedback will be used to evaluate the event’s effectiveness, understand your needs, and identify areas for improvement. We are committed to providing quality education programs, and your input will play a critical role in shaping the future of STEM Works for Schools Conclave.

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1. How did you find the overall experience of the Conclave?

2. Was the information presented during the Conclave relevant and useful
to you?

3. How would you rate the quality of the speakers and their presentations?

4. Was the schedule and organization of the event well-planned and convenient?

5. Did you find the online platform user-friendly and easy to access?

6. How likely are you to recommend this Conclave to others?

7. Would you participate in our next Conclave?

8. What did you like most about the Conclave, and what improvements do you suggest for future editions?