World Robot Olympiad International, Montreal, Canada Cancelled
Gurgaon, 26th March 2020

We are extremely sad to announce the postponement of WRO India National Championship 2020 slated to be held in August 2020, indefinitely. We had to arrive at this decision in the light of cancellation of the World Robot Olympiad 2020 international championship that was to be held in Montreal, Canada later this year due to global pandemic caused by COVID-19 situation.

The announcement, cancelling the WRO 2020 International, by World Robot Olympiad Association (WROA) came in earlier today along with the cancellation of Friendship Invitationals those were to be held in China, Italy and USA.

However, WROA has asked National Organizers of respective countries to host their National event as and when the situation permits. We will consider hosting the National (without progression to International) event sometime in November and will keep you updated.

Download WRO International Cancellation Announcement