Grades 6-8 – LEGO Education Robotics – RoboFest

★  Two (2) day, invitation-only inter-school/Intra School robotics competition in partnership with a prominent school that will take leadership to host the event.

★  Host school to invite teams of around 20-25 schools to attend a LEGO Mindstorms-based robotics competition at their premises. The number of schools can be adjusted depending on the availability of space at the host school.

★  Team Size: 5-6 Teachers per school.

★  Duration: 12 hours, spread over two days


★ Day 1 (Training): Teachers will be trained on how to build and program autonomous Robots using various sensors, servo motors and microcontrollers.

★ Day 2 (Competition): Teachers are introduced to a challenge and given a LEGO Mindstorms Robotics Kit. Teachers work to build and program the Robot to solve the challenge.