Participation Guidelines for Top 30 ATL Marathon Award Winners

Congratulations for your accomplishment in the ATL Marathon. In reference to the award (registration fee waiver) received to participate in the World Robot Olympiad India Open Category, kindly follow the below mentioned

Team Composition & Registration

  1. One school team comprising of 2-3 students studying in Grades VI to XII is eligible to participate in the competition. Each team should be mentored/coached by a school faculty.
  2. Team/s should register the team name at the following link:- Register and send an email to
  3. Team/s will then have to complete the payment of INR 2500/- (waiver of INR 6700/- from the standerd registration fee INR 9200/-) to complete the registration process
  4. Registration details are mandatory to fill (i.e. Team Name, Member name, DOB, Parent’s name, Contact no, address, email, School name, School Address, Member type etc.)
  5. Relevant documents will be verified at the time of reporting at the venue. All the team must have to bring their ID Proof, DOB Proof, and a dully filled copy of CR Form provided by WRO India.

Competition Theme

Food Matters

The mission this year is to build a robot that supports the way we grow, share and consume food. Your project should focus around at least one of the following aspects of the Goal 2 of sustainable development:

  • Promote sustainable agriculture
  • Improve nutrition
  • Achieve food security
  • End hunger

This way, each solution will contribute to a goal of the world-wide UN sustainability goals. More information about this specific goal you find at:

Prior to Competition

  1. Teams must electronically submit a written and illustrated report summarizing their project, in which way the solution is unique and conforms to the theme at the following link:- Submit. electronically submit this report at the time of registration based of the following requirements:
  • File type: PDF
  • Maximum file size: 10 MB
  1. The report must include a visual description incorporating pictures, diagrams, and/or photos from different angles and an example of the programming. A copy of the report must be handed out to the judges in paper form at the time of judging
  2. Teams must submit a video (maximum of 2 minutes) demonstrating their prototype. Teams should electronically submit the video based on the following requirements:
  • File type: avi, mpeg, wmv, mp4
  • Maximum file size: 25 MB

WRO recommends that videos are done in English or subtitled in English. This is to aid judges in understanding the project better.

At the Competition

  1. All teams get individual booth of size 2m × 2m × 2m. (Each team will be provided with three (3) vertical display surfaces within the booth, each 2m × 2m or as close as possible).
  2. All elements of a team’s display must remain within the allotted 2m × 2m × 2m booth area. Team members may be outside this space during a presentation, however, unless requested by judges, prototype and other display elements must remain within the allotted area
  3. Teams will be provided with the option of using a table. The size of table will be 120cm × 60cm (or as close as possible). Table sizes will be consistent across teams. Tables must be placed within the 2m × 2m floor space allocated to the team.
  4. Teams must decorate the booth with one or more posters with the minimum dimension of 120 cm × 90 cm. The poster(s) should introduce the robot project to the visitors
  5. All team displays must be completed and teams ready to present to judges and the general public by the allotted time.
  6. Teams must maintain a presence within the team’s booth during competition hours in order to present to members of the general public and judges at any time. Teams will receive a warning of not less than 10 minutes prior to judging taking place.
  7. Teams will be allocated approximately 10 minutes for judgment: 5 minutes to explain and demonstrate the prototype, remaining 2‐5 minutes to respond to questions from the judges.


  1. There are not any regulations on the platforms or their balance used in the prototype.
  2. Commercially prepared kits or modules cannot constitute a major portion of the prototype.
  3. Teams must ensure the security and safety of their prototype/s.
  4. There won’t be access to running water at the booth for any display purposes.

Evaluation & Progression

  1. Panel of Judges will conduct the interviews process and follow the standard criteria/rubrics made available for WRO competition. Check here for WRO 2018 Judging Criteria
  2. Judges will nominate/recommend 3 teams to Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog that will have an opportunity to participate as guest teams at the WRO International Championship to be held at Thailand on 16-18 November 2018.