Regular Junior High

Smart Lighting

(Age Group: 13-15)

Engineers and developers have been working for a long time to help us live in a healthier environment with as few harmful emissions as possible and with economical energy consumption. The aim is to minimize our ecological footprint and live in comfort and safety. This has led the scientists to develop the automated operation of various systems in our buildings.

During long years of work, industries have been creating solutions for smart systems that work without human intervention. As a result of the developers’ work, “smart homes” have been created to regulate the operation of various equipment and systems in a building. In the future, smart homes will be maintained and operated by autonomous moving robots. The robots will follow pre-programmed instructions.

This year, the mission is to design a robot that can replace old light bulbs with smart lights. Your robot will take new smart lights from the storage area and bring them into different rooms (red, blue, yellow, and green areas) in the building. In addition, the robot will find old  light  bulbs  and  bring  them  to  the  trash  area.  This  way,  the  robot  can  modernize  the lighting system in the building and help save energy. 

General Rules – WRO 2019

Game Description, rules and scoring

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