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How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Future of Education


The following insights were featured in Dainik Jagran (English) Publication:

We recently spoke with Sudhanshu Sharma, founder of the India STEM Foundation, and he shared insights on how technology is influencing the educational landscape.

Q1. How tech is evolving in education?

A1. Technology in education is advancing rapidly, revolutionizing traditional learning methods. Digital tools such as interactive software, multimedia presentations, and online platforms are becoming integral to the classroom. This evolution fosters more engaging and personalized learning experiences, catering to diverse learning styles and needs. Additionally, emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality are reshaping educational practices, offering innovative teaching, learning, and assessment solutions. Gamification is also being used more and more to make learning fun and engaging and to involve more students.

Q2. In STEM, T means technology. Do you think that this combination will boost students’ creativity?

A2. The integration of technology in STEM education is undoubtedly fostering creativity among students. With the involvement of automation technologies, AI, and robotics, most repetition work will soon be done by bots and GenAI tools like ChatGPT. This gives students ample time to think, brainstorm, ideate, and solve complex problems, certainly enhancing their creativity. However, we must ensure we use technology responsibly as it advances and our originality isn’t compromised.

Q3. Do you think AI is the future, and students should extensively focus on it?

A3. AI undoubtedly holds the potential to shape the future, and students stand to benefit from a comprehensive understanding of it. AI streamlines repetitive tasks, enhancing productivity and enabling students to focus on more creative and innovative endeavours, fostering leadership and initiative. More than developers, companies seek prompt engineers who can interact and engage with AI and ML tools to create future technologies.

Q4. 4. What are some advanced tech-loaded courses do you recommend for GenZ?

A4. Advanced AI, ML, IoT, Data Science, and Robotics courses are highly recommended for GenZ. These courses equip students with the skills and knowledge required to navigate the ever-evolving technological landscape effectively, empowering them to harness the full potential of emerging technologies and become familiar with current and emerging technologies.