Garrett Motion Supported Robo Shiksha Kendra, Bengaluru

Garrett Motion is a renowned global leader in providing innovative automation solutions for various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics. With a focus on cutting-edge technology and a commitment to excellence, Garrett Motion has been at the forefront of driving innovation and efficiency in the field of robotics and automation.

Understanding Robo Shiksha Kendra:

A Robo Shiksha Kendra, or STEM Tinkering Lab, is a dedicated space equipped with state-of-the-art robotics kits, electronics components, and advanced technology tools aimed at providing hands-on learning experiences to students. These labs are designed to foster creativity, problem-solving skills, and innovation among students by allowing them to explore and experiment with STEM concepts in a practical and interactive manner.

Inauguration of Robo Shiksha Kendra at Sri Saraswathi Vidya Niketan, Bengaluru:

Recently, Garrett Motion extended its support to STEM education by supporting the establishment of a Robo Shiksha Kendra at Sri Saraswathi Vidya Niketan in Bengaluru on 25th of June. The inauguration ceremony marked a significant milestone in the school’s journey towards promoting STEM education and empowering students with practical learning opportunities. The newly built lab is equipped with cutting-edge robotics kits and tools, providing students with a platform to explore robotics, coding, and electronics in a hands-on manner.

Advantages of Hands-On Learning:

Hands-on learning plays a crucial role in enhancing student engagement and understanding of STEM concepts. By actively participating in experiments and projects, students develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills essential for success in the modern world. Hands-on learning also fosters creativity and innovation, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios and challenges.

Garrett Motion’s Commitment to Promote STEM Education in India:

Garrett Motion is committed to promoting STEM education in India and empowering the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers. By supporting initiatives like the Robo Shiksha Kendra at Sri Saraswathi Vidya Niketan, Garrett Motion aims to provide students with access to cutting-edge technology and practical learning experiences that will prepare them for the challenges of the future. Garrett Motion believes that investing in STEM education is essential for driving innovation, economic growth, and social development in India.

India STEM Foundation:

India STEM Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting STEM education and innovation across India. Through various programs and initiatives, India STEM Foundation aims to bridge the gap in STEM education, especially in underprivileged communities, and empower students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the 21st century. By partnering with organizations like Garrett Motion, India STEM Foundation is working towards creating a brighter and more equitable future for students across the country.