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STEM Talk with Mr Yogesh Patil

In a captivating episode of Mr Yogesh Patil “Stem Talk With Leaders,” we are joined by Yogesh Patil, Senior Director of Engineering, Global Engineering Teams at Crowdstrike, a well-known cybersecurity leader, his team creats products and solutions for the clints in order to defend their digital environments, Crowdstrike is renowned for creating cutting-edge product solutions for a wide range of clients, including public institutions, businesses, and government agencies, etc. This episode delves into the realm of security product development, with the main goal being to stop breaches and help users protect their digital assets. Yogesh is here to clarify these important points.

Q1 what do you think is your fav stem subject and why?

Mr. Yogesh has always loved mathematics, which has led him down many interesting avenues. Maths appears to come easily to everyone and is a vital part of many facets of life. I never found maths to be difficult since I could see the answers, which piqued my interest in the topic

Q2 Industries are quite interested in stem education, why do you think so?

Mr Yogesh thinks that the field respects those who can think critically, analyse issues and develop organised, logical answers. One of the fundamental components of STEM education is organisation, even in the arts. Learning in the STEM or STEAM fields helps you build a technique and viewpoint that will help you contribute to the development of customer-beneficial solutions. It entails placing oneself in several situations and never stopping to look for the optimal answer. It’s critical to understand that solutions don’t always come to one perfectly at first; rather, they develop and get better with time. The industry values this method and iterative problem-solving so much that industry experts actively seek out students with a STEM or STEAM education.

Q3 Creative thinking can help with innovation , but can you help students with one example

According to Einstein, “understanding the problem is the most important thing.” In this sense, STEM education is essential to improving our understanding of complicated problems. It promotes creativity by pushing us to focus on an issue, develop over it, and then return to it. STEM helps us arrive at first answers even if we may think we grasp the criteria at first. Nonetheless, it is necessary to return to

Q4 What are your curior choices?

It was rather simple to decide on a professional path when we were young and getting ready for college. But there are always more possibilities in the changing world of today. There are a lot of options, and the one you originally select could change later on, particularly in fields like mine that are always changing. For example, a few years ago, ChatGPT was a unique idea, and nobody could have predicted that working as a trainer would become a respectable professional path. It’s a dynamic field now.

While conventional fields like engineering and medicine still exist, I wouldn’t restrict the conversation to them. The secret is to pursue your hobbies and interests.Choices are man, but choices you make and what you eventually do could be different beacuse it is very dynamic

For example chat gpt, when it come no one was talking about it for couple years and nobody could forsee that the trainer those where training it large language models, the work of trainers would emage as a job choice but today is a work choice.To properly comprehend your chosen career, it is imperative that you devote a significant amount of time to it.

Dr. Herald offered some insightful commentary, highlighting the fact that, although their importance, engineering and medicine are not the only routes to success. A rewarding career may be had by taking advantage of new chances like training chatbots or working in industries that are developing. The secret is to combine your education with your interests to build a career you enjoy.

There are several suboptions in the field of cybersecurity, even within computer science. You can work on user-related tasks, create products, do threat research, explore machine learning, or begin by providing customer assistance. Some even find hacking to be a fascinating place to start.Dr Herald further added Despite being a university topper, he started his work at Xerox as a functional linguistic validator because he was attracted by cybersecurity and hacking. His experience inspired him to seek a PhD in online media and audio content theft, demonstrating how one’s career path may change depending on one’s passions and desire to invent and create.

Crux of the Talk

In a recent edition of “Stem Talk With Leaders,” cybersecurity pioneer Yogesh Patil, Senior Director of Engineering at Crowdstrike, talks about the value of STEM education and the changing nature of the workforce. Yogesh places a strong emphasis on the importance of creativity, in-depth issue comprehension, and picking a career path that suits your interests. Dr. Herald continues, “new opportunities like training chatbots are emerging, so there are more paths to success outside of the important fields like engineering and medicine.” Passion-driven journeys may lead to innovation and revolution in a variety of industries, and career pathways are dynamic.