STEM Teacher Training at Bharta English School, Pune - India STEM Foundation

STEM Teacher Training at Bharta English School, Pune

Spectris Foundation’s distinguished guests arrived for a momentous visit to Bharat English School in Pune, and there was a tangible sense of anticipation in the air. The visit’s main goals were to assess the STEM Tinkering Lab’s advancement and improve collaboration.Spectris Foundation and the school forged closer ties during the visit, which was spearheaded by Mr. Derek Harding, CFO of Spectris plc, and Mr. Simon Eagle, Asia Finance Director, along with Mr. Rahul Talwa – Finance Controller, Spectris India and Mr. Amit Warkad HRBP, Red Lion Controls two representatives from Spectris India.

 The day commenced with Warm Welcome and Gratitude,a heartfelt welcome orchestrated by the school’s scout group, setting the tone for a day of collaboration and growth. Gratitude permeated the atmosphere as the school community expressed heartfelt appreciation for the unwavering support extended by Spectris Foundation, fostering a positive ambiance for the day’s engagements.

The Spectris Foundation, established with a generous endowment from Spectris Plc, is a UK-based charity focused on advancing STEM education globally. Its primary goal is to promote STEM education, but it also helps smaller nonprofits that benefit Spectris employees globally, placing a strong emphasis on opportunity and access across borders.

The Spectris Foundation is renowned for its dedication to promoting innovation and STEM education advancement. To support programmes like STEM Tinkering Labs, they work with organisations and educational institutions such as Bharat English School. During their travels, they assess students’ progress, interact with them, and build collaborations that promote innovation and growth in education.

A STEM Tinkering Lab

Empowering the next generation of innovators and problem solvers, the Robo Siksha Kendra is a STEM tinkering, robotics, A.I., and scientific lab programme that is devoted to uplifting society. Watch the STEM revolution happen as we develop these laboratories together. It aligns with NEP 2020, Atal Innovation Mission, and Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan. Join us in setting up these labs and inspiring young minds.

STEM Teachers Training Program

Through our STEM Teacher Training programs, educators may acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to support students as they embark on their STEM adventures. By lending your support to our endeavour, you are endorsing high-quality education.The India STEM Foundation imparts STEM knowledge to educators and students. Teachers then use this knowledge to instruct hundreds of learners after training in the subject matter.

Showcase of STEM Innovation

At the STEM Tinkering Lab, an engaging showcase event revealed a crucial part. Packed with energy, students showcased a variety of projects that demonstrated the real-world implications of STEM education. Officials from Spectris participated fully in this interactive session and learned a great deal about the significant influence the Tinkering Lab has on students’ academic journeys.

Cultural Exchange and Collaboration

The school planned a culturally stimulating event to coincide with the STEM exhibition, showcasing the different abilities within its student body. This platform promoted friendship between the school community and officials of the Spectris Foundation, fostering mutual understanding and cultural interaction in addition to showcasing the school’s all-encompassing approach to teaching.

Constructive Dialogue and Collaboration Prospects

The day ended with a contemplative forum discussion in which representatives from the schools and representatives of the Spectris Foundation had a positive exchange of ideas. The discussion centred on enhancing the STEM Tinkering Lab’s efficiency and investigating potential future partnerships, highlighting a mutual dedication to fostering creativity and academic brilliance.


Heartfelt gratitude was expressed by Bharat English School to Mr. Derek Harding, Mr. Simon Eagle, and the whole Spectris Foundation team for their steadfast commitment to advancing STEM education and encouraging student creativity. The school is looking forward to many more significant moments in this fruitful collaboration and envisions a future full of creative and academic successes.