WRO made accessible: Sensia Global & CrowdStrike pitch in for NET - India STEM Foundation

WRO made accessible: Sensia Global & CrowdStrike pitch in for NET

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the generous support from Sensia Global, a pioneering company that specializes in fully-integrated oilfield automation solutions and CrowdStrike, a renowned global cybersecurity leader known for its cutting-edge cloud-native platform for sponsoring the participation of more than 3000 students in this year’s World Robot Olympiad India, one the biggest international robotics competition in India for ages 8-19.

These sponsored school students will enter the competition at Level 1 of WRO India or the National Entrance Test, launched to make the Future Innovators category of WRO more accessible. In the future innovators’ category, a team of 2-3 students create an innovative and intelligent robotics solution with a free choice of technology relating to this year’s season theme, “Connecting the World.” This includes controllers, motors, sensors, software, etc. The team gets a 2x2x2m booth to project and pitch their robot solution. It is a perfect competition to understand technology entrepreneurship.

Since the past few seasons, we have witnessed the participation of kids and teams from prestigious youth robotics training institutes but negligible participation from schools. Hence, we created a concept of ISF Partner schools, which enables schools to enroll their students at level 1 of WRO India: The national entrance test for INR 1750/student instead of 18000/team.

WRO India NET would test science, math, and aptitude during this 1-hour online test which students can give from home. On scoring 60% and above, students would progress to level 2 of WRO India or the virtual regional, where they would form teams and get in an online project submission round, virtually pitching their conceptual solution through a project presentation and video presentation pitching their idea.

On clearing the virtual regional, students must physically create a working prototype of their conceptual solution and present it during the in-person regional and national competition, which could as well take them to Panama for the International round.