Dr. Sarvjeet Herald set to host STEM Advocacy Talk Shows

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Sarvjeet Herald will be hosting our STEM Advocacy talk shows. As the Director at India STEM Foundation, Dr. Herald brings with him a wealth of knowledge and remarkable achievements in the field of STEM education. In this article, we will provide an overview of the three talk shows he will be hosting, namely “STEM Works for Schools,” “STEM Talks with Leaders,” and “STEM Conclave.”

About Dr Sarvjeet Herald

Dr. Sarvjeet Herald is the visionary founder of India STEM Foundation . He has been instrumental in building a strong foundation for STEM education in India, empowering countless students and educators along the way. His revolutionary approach continues to inspire and drive positive change in the field of STEM education, making him a true pioneer in the industry.

About STEM Advocacy

STEM advocacy is the driving force behind promoting and championing the importance of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education and its impact on society. At India STEM Foundation , we go beyond advocacy by embracing STEM evangelism. We believe in actively spreading awareness, fostering collaborations, and engaging leaders from industry and academia in thought-provoking discussions. Through insightful interviews, we offer a platform for these leaders to share their perspectives and opinions on STEM and its future. By amplifying their voices, we inspire and empower others to join the movement, creating a collective force dedicated to nurturing the next generation of innovators, problem solvers, and critical thinkers. Let’s forge ahead to advocate, evangelize, and shape the future of STEM education together.

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STEM Works for Schools

We invite Leaders from Academia – Directors/Principals/STEM Mentors

In the talk show “STEM Works for Schools,” Dr. Herald will engage with passionate teachers and principals who have successfully integrated STEM education into their curriculum. Through insightful interviews, he will highlight their experiences, challenges, and the positive impact STEM education has had on students. This talk show aims to inspire other educators to embrace STEM and leverage STEM tinkering labs to foster a dynamic learning environment.

STEM Talks with Leaders

We invite Leaders from Industry – Corporate Professionals

“STEM Talks with Leaders” is an exciting platform where Dr. Herald will interview industry leaders who firmly believe in the significance of STEM education for the future. These prolific discussions will shed light on the importance of STEM skills in various industries and how they contribute to innovation and progress. By showcasing the perspectives of these influential leaders, the talk show aims to inspire students, parents, and educators to recognize the value of STEM education.

STEM Conclave

We invite Leaders from Industry and Academia on a single stage to bridge the skill gap the recruiters face.

Bridging the Gap between what is being produced by Schools and what is needed in the Industry. STEM Conclave is a prestigious conference that brings together teachers, principals, leaders, and STEM enthusiasts. This gathering provides a unique opportunity to discuss the challenges, advantages, and future prospects of STEM education. Dr. Herald will moderate panel discussions, presentations, and interactive sessions that explore strategies to make STEM education accessible to all children, regardless of their financial background. The ultimate goal of STEM Conclave is to foster collaboration and find innovative solutions for creating an inclusive STEM ecosystem.

1st Talk

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We are honored to have Dr. Sarvjeet Herald as the host for our STEM Advocacy talk shows. His expertise, passion, and commitment to promoting STEM education will unequivocally inspire countless individuals across the nation. Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes of “STEM Works for Schools,” “STEM Talks with Leaders,” and the remarkable discussions at STEM Conclave.