STEM Works for Schools Features Ms Una Roy Chowdhury, of Alpine Convent School, Gurugram


What is STEM Works for Schools?

ISF India has always worked to educate and guide the students towards technology and bring out their creative and innovative selves. To support their interest towards STEM subjects. It helps provide students with a new lens to education; the aim is to make STEM accessible to all.

About Ms Una Roy Chowdhury, Principal of Alpine Convent School, Gurugram

This is an interview for STEM Works for Schools by ISF with Ms. Una Roy Chowdhury, principal of Alpine Convent School, Gurugram sharing her grateful insights on topics which are of great concern to students

The Interview

Ms. Una Roy Chowdhury, principal of alpine convent school, Gurugram, lit the torch on some common doubts of students on STEM subjects. She shared her views and opinion on the questions asked with utmost honesty. She motivated students to try STEM Subjects and break away from the barriers of myths about STEM. She encouraged students to enhance their knowledge and promoted them to bring out their creative and innovative selves.

Questions And Answers

Here are the insights on the talks with Ms Una Roy Chowdhury.

What are some MYTHS/ MISCONCEPTIONS around STEM?

Unfortunately, most students often do not understand the importance of STEM, and they assume that it will be related to research and laboratory jobs. STEM is something which is related to creative thinking and innovation and the very necessary 21st Century life skills. All the major companies across the globe are looking for STEM graduates.

What are the qualities of a good team player?

A team is just like a platform, it is like a lifeboat in the pacific ocean. If you’re alone, all you’ll be is Independent. Being independent is not the keyword here. Being interdependent, you will have to learn to be complementary to each other. You should develop camaraderie, give up on your minor ambitions and aim for the larger perspective of the teams’ goals, the bigger purpose.

What is Integrated Inquiry, and why is it important?

Most people usually wonder about what inquiry is. Inquiry is the keyword for innovation. Inquiry is the key to any kind of Innovation. Every discovery starts with the word “Why”. Someone must have sat at the sea and thought of what was on the other side and made a boat. If you have to be innovative, you must be an inquirer.

How to deal with failure?

Failure is a big word; we should consider it as learning. You do not fail if you do not work. It’s a journey; there are times you get success, but sometimes you don’t, but you’re learning shouldn’t stop, no matter what happens else all you worked for will go to waste; whether you face failure or success, you should be ready to face all the consequences.

How does STEM education help students transition between school and college better?

STEM provides some necessary skills which help a child during the transition between school and college. It is not only about four subjects. It is much more about the overall development of their personality. There are endless possibilities in STEM and infinite opportunities too. You have a world to conquer. You just have to spread your wings to fly and discover new heights unknown.


For Students

  • Students should not stick to the myths and misconceptions around STEM, and they should try and pursue it if they develop a liking for the subjects. 
  • Students should develop qualities such as teamwork, perseverance, technical knowledge, determination, etc.
  • They should participate in events and contests for exposure.

For Educators

  • An educator must make things similar and more relative to real-world problems.
  • Identify and mold a child’s talents to their benefit.
  • Teach them how to deal with both failures and successes. 
  • Motivate students to learn from their mistakes and get back stronger and keep moving always.

For Institutions

  • Knowledge should not be limited to the four walls of the school; setting up labs and motivating students towards competitions will not only. 
  • Broaden their view of the world but also enhance their confidence.
  • Be a leading STEM smart institute in your city, and portray an example for others.
  • Help expand students’ prospects and the options around STEM.

Know More About STEM Works for Schools


Mission and Vision

The mission is to reach a larger audience and to provide the maximum number of students to our facilities. To help students with insights on STEM and also keep track of the current events related to STEM in the world. Provide students with a chance to be guided by the top mentors from prestigious schools, colleges, and institutes.

Who Do We Invite?

We invite all the educators that are joined with us in our mission from different prestigious training institutes, from schools, colleges, and universities all over India, who are in partnership with ISF and are playing an essential role in making STEM accessible to all successful.

Benefits Of Getting Interviewed at STEM Works for Schools?

· Make your and your institute’s ideologies related to STEM reach out to millions of students globally. Enhance students’ knowledge with new ideas and innovations.

· Inspire young minds by boosting their curiosity with your mission and vision about STEM and help them to bring their creative powers to become the innovations of the new world.

· Help us create free STEM resources for everyone. Students’ despite of their locations and backgrounds, be able to access the knowledge of STEM.

· Create a strong alliance with India STEM foundation to collaborate and connect on multiple different grounds to host multiple different events and competitions in their city and give their children a learning and fruitful experience.

· Get to be a part of a strong-knit STEM community in India and provide children with an opportunity to develop good careers around STEM.

· Stand out to be a STEM leader amongst the others. Motivate others to be a part of the change too.

How Can You Get Invited?




Does My School need to be An ISF Partner Institute?

Yes, it is mandatory to be an ISF partner school along with following the STEM Curriculum, bringing changes from elementary to high school level. This will help them develop 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork.

Is there a Fee to Become an ISF Partner Institute?

No, there are no fees to be an ISF partner Institute. All you need to have is the will to bring a better change into the world. You need to have a positive approach toward STEM and be willing to join us in our journey.




How Can You Join the Panel

Be an ISF partner institute, tie with ISF India and be a part of the stem educating conference in India- PANEL.


The meetings will be held on online platforms.


The major topics of discussion will be the changes to be made in the curriculum, how educating STEM subjects affects lives, the attitude change of students towards STEM, and how students respond to the events and competitions.