Alpine Convent School, Gurugram Prioritizes STEM Education

Alpine Convent School, Gurugram Prioritizes STEM Education For Its Students

What is STEM Works for Schools?

STEM works for school is an initiative by India STEM Foundation where we invite educators who are a member of the STEM community to impart knowledge and guidance to the students who are willing to pursue their careers or are curious about STEM.

About Ms. Una Roy Chowdhury, Principal of Alpine Convent School, Gurugram

Ms. Una Roy Chowdhury has done her B.Ed. in Biology from Jadavpur University, MSc. In life science from Visva Bharati and PG diploma in management from University of Madras. She has served as principal in various namely schools and has a teaching experience of over twenty years.

Alpine Convent School

About Alpine Convent School, Gurugram

Alpine Convent School is a co-educational private school in Gurgaon, running under the guidance of principal Ms Una Roy Chowdhury. It was established in 1996 and has four branches; Sector 10, Sector 38, Sector 56 and Sector 67. It comes under top ten schools in Gurgoan. It is an ISF partner institute, it shows active participation in the activities organized by India STEM Foundation and supports the mission and vision of STEM.

About Mr Bhuvan Verma

He serves as the Head of CSR and Strategic Partnerships for the India STEM Foundation, A visionary people leader, bestselling author, and human geographer, Mr Bhuvan has some wonderful accomplishments under his belt, some of which are BlueSky- battery Powered rickshaws, greenfield- virtual labs etc.

The Interview | The Questions and Answers Round

Ms Una Roy Chowdhury, principal of alpine convent school, Gurugram, lit the torch on some common doubts of students on STEM subjects. She shared her views and opinion on the asked questions with utmost honesty. She motivated students to try STEM Subjects and break away from the barriers of myths about STEM. She motivated students to enhance their knowledge and promoted them to bring out their creative and innovative selves.

What are some myths/misconceptions around STEM Education?

There are many times most students do not understand the importance of STEM and they assume that it will be related to research and laboratory jobs. STEM is something which is much more about creative thinking and innovation and teaches the students about some very necessary 21stCentury life skills.

What are the qualities of a good team player?

A team is just like a platform, it is like a lifeboat in the pacific ocean. If you’re alone all you’ll be is independent, being independent is not the key word here, being interdependent is, and you will have to learn to be complementary to each other. Learn to give up on your minor ambitions and aim for the larger perspective of the team’s goal.

What is Integrated Inquiry and why is it Important?

Most people usually wonder about what inquiry is. Inquiry is the keyword for innovation. Inquiry is the key to any kind of Innovation. Every discovery starts with the word “Why”. If you have to be innovative you must be an inquirer.

How to deal with failure?

Failure is a big word; we should consider it as learnings. You do not fail if you do not work. It’s a journey, there are times you get success but sometimes you don’t, but you’re learning shouldn’t stop, you face failure or success, and you should be ready to face all the consequences.

How does STEM education helps students transition between schools and colleges better?

STEM provides some necessary skills which help a child during the transition between school and college. It is not only about four subjects, it is much more about the overall development of their personality. There are endless possibilities in STEM and infinite opportunities too. You have a world to conquer, you just have to spread your wings to fly and discover new heights unknown.


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STEM works for school aims on providing students with a chance to learn from top educators from partner schools, colleges and institutes and to seek guidance and learn from their experiences.

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Does My School need to be An ISF Partner Institute?

Yes, it is mandatory to be an ISF partner school along with following the STEM Curriculum, bringing changes from elementary to high school level. This will help them develop 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity and teamwork.

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