NetApp Data Explorers Program Grand Showcase: A truly STEAM Event

Bengaluru, India : 9th February, 2024 In a remarkable display of creativity and data-driven insights, the NetApp Data Explorers Program Grand Showcase Event, implemented in collaboration with India STEM Foundation, held at NetApp Headquarters in Bengaluru, illuminated the stage with innovation and ingenuity. Six randomly selected teams from schools including Christel House, Parikrma Center of[…]

Get Ready for NetApp DE Program Grand Showcase

After a successful Pre-Showcase Event held from 29th-31st January, where 60+ teams from 6 schools showcased their data artistically, the stage is set for the grand finale – the NetApp DE Program Grand Showcase. With over 500 students actively participating in Pre-Showcase and learning about the power of data through enriching sessions, the program has[…]

NetApp Pre-showcase Conducted in Bengaluru

Bengaluru — NetApp, a global leader in cloud data services, proudly announces the ongoing success of its Data Explorers Program, a comprehensive initiative aimed at providing fundamental data science education to students in Bengaluru. The organisation, originated in United States, through it’s highly skilled team of professionals established in Bengaluru headquarters, in collaboration with school[…]