NetApp Data Explorers Program Grand Showcase: A truly STEAM Event

Bengaluru, India : 9th February, 2024

In a remarkable display of creativity and data-driven insights, the NetApp Data Explorers Program Grand Showcase Event, implemented in collaboration with India STEM Foundation, held at NetApp Headquarters in Bengaluru, illuminated the stage with innovation and ingenuity. Six randomly selected teams from schools including Christel House, Parikrma Center of Learning, Prashanthi Bala Mandira School, and Henk Bruna, showcased their remarkable projects made after many enriching sessions and months of carefully analysing the data they collected using CODAP tool (Common Online Data Analysis Platform), each addressing pressing societal issues, thereby transforming STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

Teams that got the Opportunity to present their Data and Research at the Grand Showcase Event were:

Christel House- Group 1- Substance Abuse

Parikrma Center of Learning- Group 1- Suicide

Prashanthi Bala Mandira School- Group 1- Student dropout & student-teacher ratio

Prashanthi Bala Mandira School-Group 4- Child marriage

Prashanthi Bala Mandira School-Group 6- Medical doctors and Vaccination

Henk Bruna- Group 1- Forest Cover

The Impact

The event, attended by esteemed dignitaries from NetApp and India STEM Foundation, marked the culmination of weeks of intensive training and exploration. Each team captivated the audience with their acquired data science skills, presented through riveting storytelling and imaginative skits. The Grand Showcase Event was a dynamic fusion of analytical prowess and artistic expression, underscoring the multifaceted nature of the NetApp DE Program.

Students seamlessly integrated their technical knowledge with the arts, presenting data through compelling narratives that resonated with the audience. This innovative approach not only demonstrated their understanding of data science but also underscored the program’s commitment to fostering a holistic educational experience.

The impact of the Grand Showcase Event on the students was palpable, as witnessed by NetApp professionals, evoking a heartwarming sense of satisfaction for bringing a change. Ravi Chhabria, Managing Director at NetApp India, Mr. Sudhanshu Sharma, Founder at India STEM Foundation, delivered inspiring speeches, applauding the efforts of the NetApp team, trainers, and India STEM Foundation team. They especially commended the dedication of the students and teachers from the participating schools for their pivotal role in the success of the event and the advancement of data science education and STEM learning.

The NetApp Data Explorers Program Grand Showcase Event stands as a testament to the transformative power of blending STEM disciplines with the arts, enriching the educational landscape and equipping students with a comprehensive skill set for the future.

About NetApp

NetApp is a global leader in cloud data services, empowering organizations to harness the full potential of their data to achieve business success. With innovative solutions and a commitment to customer success, NetApp is driving digital transformation and enabling organizations to thrive in a data-driven world.

India STEM Foundation

India STEM Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education and fostering innovation and creativity among students. Through various initiatives and programs, India STEM Foundation is nurturing the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers, driving progress and prosperity in India and beyond.

NetApp Data Explorers Program

The NetApp Data Explorers Program is an initiative aimed at empowering students with data science skills and fostering a holistic approach to education. During the NetApp DE program 2024, students collected data on major societal and global issues using CODAP tool (Common Online Data Analysis Platform). Through hands-on training, innovative projects, and collaborative learning, the program equips students with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in a data-driven world.