Seth Anand Ram Jaipuria School, Lucknow Supports STEM education

Recently Bhuvan Verma interviewed Ms. Gunjan Danani who has given her take on how important STEM education is for the 21st century. Stating how schools and students benefit from the STEM curriculum which makes learning more hands-on and relatable.

What is STEM Works for Schools?

STEM works for school is a platform introduced by India STEM Foundation where we invite educators who are a member of the STEM community to impart education and provide direction to the students who are willing to pursue their careers or are eager to learn more about STEM.

About Ms. Gunjan Danani principal of Seth Anand Ram Jaipuria School, Lucknow

Ms. Gunjan Danani , Principal of Anandram Jaipuria School , Alambagh Campus started her career as an executive at Indian Market Research Bureau, in a journey of 25 yrs,is now a name to reckon with amongst Principles of various educational Institutions in Lucknow. She also headed the NIE ( Newspaper in Education ), a parallel vertical of the Times of India Group. She portrays an example of an excellent leader and is an epitome of hard work and determination.

About Seth Anand Ram Jaipuria School, Lucknow

Seth Anand Ram Jaipuria School is a co-educational private school in Lucknow, running under the guidance of principal Ms Gunjan Danani. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow was inaugurated by Honorable Shri Akhilesh Yadav, Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh, on 17 April 2016. It is an ISF partner institute, it shows active participation in the activities organized by India STEM Foundation and supports the mission and vision of STEM.

About Mr. Bhuvan Verma

A visionary people leader, bestselling author, a human geographer, Mr Bhuvan has some wonderful accomplishments under his belt, some of which are blue sky- battery Powered rickshaws, greenfield- virtual labs etc.

 The Interview

Ms. Gunjan Danani, principal of Seth Anand Ram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, was interviewed by Bhuvan where she shared her ideas about the assistance STEM works for schools provides to the students in the transition between school to college by teaching them some essential qualities like leadership skills. She also gave her key takeaway on how to deal with failures and turn them into success. She encouraged pupils to broaden their knowledge and encouraged them to express their creativity and innovation.

How does STEM education help students transition between school and college better?

STEM helps students develop some necessary skills which support them during the transition between school and college. Knowledge of STEM subjects also includes learning about various things such as innovation, enhancing the concepts of students, promoting them to discover more about the STEM field and finding out what suits them best.

What is Integrated Inquiry and why is it important?

Integrated inquiry is the merging of problems, research and solution together. Going deeper into a topic or researching it, finding answers to questions lurking around in your mind and coming across a solution or a satisfactory answer is involved in the process.

How does STEM education help students learn about leadership?

Leadership is all about the right attitude, it is the ability to succeed while also advancing others who are close to you or who report to you. STEM education enhances your qualities such as leadership, once you take part in activities in a group and perform a task as a team.

How to deal with failure?

It is next to impossible for anyone to avoid failures in life, but how we look at it and how much we learn from it is what defines us. Behind every failure there lies a lot of success. You have gained knowledge and improved yourself by learning something new.

How can we increase STEM exposure? What resources are required in doing that?  

Introduction of STEM clubs in every school should be done to empower students to join such clubs which will promote students to get in touch with their creative side and motivate them to think out of the box. Students can perform activities and get out-of-class knowledge.


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